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A green computer, an eco computer or perhaps a green PC - however you describe it, the Xi3 Modular Computer is a game changer.
Simply put it can do all the office and home computing you need it to do whilst using very little energy to do it. Sure you can buy another computer for less money but you simply won't get the sheer quality - "buy cheap, buy twice" as the saying goes. If you love your technology but hate the throw away culture of today's PCs then the Xi3 is the answer for you.
Investing in an energy saving Xi3 Modular Computer as your next office computer or home computer is an investment in a quality product that will still be running many years after an "ordinary" computer has been sent to the scrap heap, with it's modular design upgrades are simply a case of removing the old board and replacing it with a newer board. With such an easy upgrade (or if your coffee spills over it - repair) path you can keep your Xi3 fresh for up to ten years. The Xi3 is also part of the IT solution for green IT - using a typical 20 watts of electricity to run and weighing under 500 grams has dramatic savings on e-waste.
 With being so energy efficient it is also ideal if you are running off-grid with wind energy or solar energy and better still (like us) it saves you money on company running costs to ensure more funds for company development.

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